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What is Dance Track?

Dance Track is a pc based software solution for the adult cabaret industry that helps in calculating revenue and commissions. It automates the complete life cycle from scheduling, DJ rotations, commissions, fees, fines and back balances. With its network architecture, transaction validation and automation, an owner / operator can centrally manage the clubs employees using real time reports.

Can Dance Track Help You?

Being an adult night club owner, and not being able to be on-site to watch your club 24/7 means things are not being ran the why you want them run. Club Dance Track can do just that. It tracks dances based on your requirements. Keeps track of your pricing based on per room/dance rate, commission schedules and room rental rates. Keeps track of dancer schedules, fines can be automatically assessed if dancers are late or do not show up for work.

Create your own closing reports and have them auto emailed to you. Remote access is also available. That means you can log in from home and watch your business run smooth with Club Dance Track.

What Features does Dance Track Offer?

Maximize your business and profits. Our Dance Track software is so feature-rich you will no longer need to keep spread sheets to track your business activities. Dance Track enables your business to track dances; keep active schedules, assigned security access to over 35 different areas, and create your own reports on the fly to meet your reporting needs. Please see our list of features. Please contact our sales dept for your demo version today.

Is Club Dance Track scalable to any environment?

Yes! Club Dance Track can utilize either Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or SQL Express 2005 which is robust enough even for the large fortune 100 companies.

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"Finally I can run my club easily and efficiently"...

..."Thanks to Dance Track we can add validity to our closing process"

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